Frequently Asked Questions

Condensing boilers are the most energy efficient units on the market today. The combustion process produces gas by-products that include water vapour and carbon dioxide. In a conventional heating system, these by-products are vented out of the house. Condensing systems cool the combustion gases to the point that water condenses, and the process releases additional heat that is captured and distributed to the home. Condensing gas boilers are generally 10-15% more efficient than conventional units.

SEDBUK is an acronym for ‘Seasonal Efficiency of a Domestic Boiler in the UK’. The system was developed under the UK Government’s energy efficiency best practice programme with the co-operation of boiler manufacturers and provides a basis for fair comparison of different models of boilers.
The table to the left details the different bandings.
Warm Sure Heating only install A rated boilers achieving above 90% efficiency.

You can save 30 to 40% on your heating bills but this depends on the size of your home, how often you use your heating system what insulation you have in your home and the type of boiler you have fitted.

This usually means you have a sludge build up in the bottom of the radiator. This can be resolved by chemical cleaning or powerflushing the system. However, before taking any action we recommend that you seek expert advice to identify the cause of the sludge first.

This usually means that there is air trapped in the top of your radiator. You may want to try to bleed the radiator to release the air using a bleeding key

This usually means that your central heating system is incorrectly balanced. This results in the hot water not flowing evenly to each radiator. We suggest that you have an expert check your central heating system.

The installation of a new system does involve new pipe work being fitted and heating controls being installed. We aim to ensure that disruption in your home is kept to a minimum; we will keep you updated on our progress at all times.

Absolutely not. We arrive early and set up our equipment. The new boiler install is clean, contained in one area and once done its all cleaned. Its like we had never been there in the first place. We take all our rubbish with us, including the old boiler so all you are left with is a shiny new boiler.

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